1955 Land Rover Series 1, 107″

Land Rover Madness!

We can all have out mad moments, and this is my latest… a 1955 Land Rover Series 1 107″ Trayback project. This particular Australian import is a rust free example, which has seen better days. A few missing bits like… erm… an engine (which I now have), but pretty complete.

The ideas to get it cleaned up, inspected for what needs doing and hopefully get it back together in a year. (wishfully thinking perhaps). That green HAS to go! I’ve not idea the fascination with this shade of green in Australia, but its pretty common.

Land Rovers of this period came in ether RAF Blue with Light Grey Wheels or in this case Light Grey with RAF blue wheels. I want the Landy to keep some of its patina but not the ugly bits, so I might have to age some new grey paint.

The 66 year old Bulkhead and chassis are in great shape, perhaps better that my 20 year old Defenders (painted with rust killing chassis paint). Stay with Reworked.cc for updates.

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